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Enrollment Fee:There is a one-time enrollment fee of $25 per student that covers administrative costs, due at time of enrollment.

​Enrollment: Students may enroll online, or by filling out the Enrollment Form and returning it to the Long Grove Performing Arts Academy. Some classes are limited in size and will be filled on a first-come first-served basis; early enrollment is encouraged. Auditions may be required for some high-level classes and private lessons. 

Payment: Tuition for all lessons and classes is to be paid, in advance, for each session. Payment for the entire session is due during the first week of the session, before the start of student’s first class or lesson of the week. If payment is forgotten, student will be given one class or lesson on the honor system; there are no exceptions..Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we accept payment per lesson or per class.

Cancellation & Makeups - Classes & Group Lessons:  Should an instructor need to cancel a class or group lesson, a makeup class will be offered. Should a student miss a class or group lesson, no makeup will be provided. Class tuition will not be adjusted in any case. 

Cancellation & Makeups - Private Lessons: Should a student miss a regularly scheduled private lesson, the student must give 24-hour advance notice via email ( and/or voice mail at the following number – 847.780.7464. If 24-hour notice is given, once per session the student will be offered the opportunity to schedule a make-up lesson through instructor. Private Lesson tuition will not be adjusted in any case. 

*If 24-hour notice is not given, the lesson is forfeited. 
​*Missed lessons beyond one within any session are all forfeited. 

After two possible make-up times are offered and student is unable to make arrangements to attend, the make-up lesson is forfeited. All make-ups must be completed within 30 days of the missed lesson; after that time, make-ups are ineligible. If student missed a scheduled make time their make-up lesson is forfeited, and they will not be offered another make up.    Extenuating circumstances requiring students to miss multiple lessons will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Late Enrollment: Students may enroll in a class mid-session if the instructor approves. If a student is not admitted, the decision is made so the student will not feel behind or burdened by missed information. If a student is admitted, payment is due immediately for the full amount of the session. If a student is admitted after 4 weeks into the session then the fee will be prorated. Student will not be allowed to attend class unless tuition is paid prior to first class attending.

Early Withdrawal: Students who wish to withdraw before the end of a session may be offered a prorated refund for full weeks remaining in the session, minus a 50% fee that covers administrative costs. Refunds are not guaranteed and refund may be credited towards another class.

Observation: Parents are allowed to observe lessons and classes at the discretion of the instructor.

Photography & Videos:  Photos and videos taken during Academy classes, lessons, performances, and other courses, may be used by the Academy for promotional purposes and are the property of the Long Grove Performing Arts Academy. Student(s) and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) agree to allow photos and videos to be used unless a specific prohibitory request is submitted in writing. 

​Medical:  By enrollment, I give Long Grove Performing Arts Academy staff permission to see that my minor/child receives medical treatment in an emergency.  It is the Parent(s)/Guardian(s) responsibility to notify the Academy of any medical condition or allergies that their student may have.

​Agreement to Abide By Policies: By enrolling in, and/or paying for, and/or participating in any Academy class, lesson, workshop, camp, or other offered service, student(s) and parent(s) agree to abide by and adhere to all Academy policies, at all times.

Academy Policies